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Looking to gain some strength or lose some fat? I can help! Building The Better Man is based out of Louisville Kentucky, and face to face consultation is offered to clients in the greater Louisville area. My rates and motivation are unrivaled, and my results speak for themselves.

If you have been worried about hiring a trainer in the past or have questions about cost and time, don’t worry! Never even stepped foot in a gym? Intimidated by the equipment or locale? I will go to the gym with you, teach you proper form and how to use the equipment. No worries! Don’t be afraid to send me an email and get some information.

Don’t live in Louisville, but still looking for help? That’s ok too! I offer internet consultation all around the world. I will work with you to set up a plan, educate you on your options, and set you up for success!

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step and contact me today.

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