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Cauliflower Hacks

cauliflower hacks


Cauliflower is a secret, unsung hero in the world of calorie deficits or paleo practitioners. When most people think of cauliflower, they remember their parents forcing them to eat their vegetables at dinner. Some of you don’t even know what cauliflower tastes like, or tried it once ten years ago and didn’t care for the taste, and have never looked back. Well, I am here to show you some unique ways that this covert culinary agent can help you on your quest to becoming the best version of you!

Cauliflower as a rice substitute?!

I know, it sounds weird, right? The first mask that cauliflower will don is that of rice. It makes an excellent rice substitute for those paleo practitioners or people that are cutting. Here is how you make it:

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Balance Bar Dark Review

Balance Bar has several different varieties of what they call “nutrition bars” in their line up, most of them sporting a good ratio of 40%/30%/30%. While they aren’t necessarily marketed as protein bars, they do have a good amount of protein. This review is focusing on their new Dark line of Balance Bars, which feature 3 flavors: Dark Chocolate Coconut, Dark Chocolate Crunch, and Dark Chocolate Peanut. Lets look at the macros!

Balance Bar Dark Macros

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Pure Protein Bar Review

Pure Protein makes a number of different protein bars, but this review is focusing on their Baked Bars. They offer two different types of Baked Bars, Double Chocolate Vanilla Crunch and Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch. Lets start off with the macros:

pure protein baked bar macros

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